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Adam Wes, The LightChild Guru

Adam Wes, The LightChild Guru, is a teacher of Bhakti Mysticism, a devoted Bhakti Mystic, a Lover of Love and the Spiritual Path of Love, and a Lover of the Divine Light, which is the visual manifestation of Love. He is creator and director of LightChild, The Bhakti Mystic Community in Los Angeles, California.

Adam is a Gold-Light Mystic (one capable of embodying love to the degree that it manifests as the golden light of Divine Love) and teaches others to do the same. His unique path is Bhakti Mysticism, a term he uses to refer to the Yoga of Love and Light, which is a combination of Bhakti yoga and Mysticism distilled and adapted for our futuristic society.

Adam was born in South Africa and immigrated to the United States with his South African born parents at the age of three. He grew up in Seattle, Washington where he attended the University of Washington and received a Bachelor of Science in Physics. After graduating, Adam moved to Los Angeles where he started a math and science tutoring company that he ran and worked in for five years until he met his enlightened teacher and discontinued his company to focus completely on enlightenment. For the last five years Adam has been teaching meditation privately and is just now beginning his public spiritual teaching program.

“I’m so excited to be finally moving into teaching publicly. It’s an aspiration I’ve had for many years, since my first meditations with my teacher ten years ago. I’m so inspired to be ready to teach and get to live what for me will be a completely integrated life, where my work is my play, and where my play is my service to others and to God, and my spiritual practice.”

Adam is now holding Raptures, mystical meditations centered on love that evoke the mystical experience of light, and teaching his devoted students through his God-realization Program.

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Adam Wes, The LightChild Guru