God-Realization Program Application

If you are interested in applying, please share your email and we will contact you with further instructions.

We are creating a new convention…

…one that emphasizes love and spirituality in a way that is foreign to our current society. We are each leaders in this respect: that is, we are individuals who have a vision of something beautiful and who are willing to take risks to step beyond and show others the way, starting by being true to ourselves.

The purpose of this application is to ensure that you are in the right place. It is to ensure that you can benefit from this program and that your participation will benefit others in this program. It isn’t an assessment of your value, but rather an assessment of your alignment. It is intended to be in service to both you and others in the program.

As a perfect fit for this program, you have the following key qualities.

  • A deep and unwavering love of truth.
  • A complete commitment to your heart above all else.
  • A devotion to love and enlightenment.
  • A prioritization of freedom over security.
  • A profound love of light and meditation.
  • A readiness to meditate every day.
  • A love of reading.
  • A gentle spirit and aspiration for greater gentleness.
  • A need to be mindful.
  • A deeply positive mindset.
  • A child-like spirit.
  • A value of direct knowledge and a disinterest in speculation.
  • A deep kindness and collaborative spirit.
  • A readiness to financially invest in yourself, your spiritual education and your spiritual community.
  • A readiness to temporally invest in yourself, your spiritual education and your spiritual community.
  • A level of spiritual evolution where you have the basics of spirituality already figured out.
  • A commitment to be truly loving and prioritization of loving over being loved.
  • A commitment to psychological independence and spiritual wholeness.
  • A deep sense of gratitude.
  • A powerful humility that includes the complete acceptance of yourself as you are now.
  • An openness to wealth, prosperity and abundance as a part of your spiritual path.
  • A readiness to love and be loved in a spiritual community.

In addition to the above, you have the following alignments with our unique approach to spirituality.

  • You are an animal-friendly vegetarian or are ready to become one.*
  • You don’t do drugs of any kind or are ready to commit to or work toward a substance-free lifestyle. This includes prescription drugs and psychedelics.* Read our full explanation here.
  • You are not a sex worker or are ready to discontinue any kind of sex work, and you are not a sex worker patron or are ready to discontinue any kind of sex work patronage.*
  • You are available to attend three weekly meetings and live in LA.
  • You can easily afford our reasonably priced program and are happy to pay the membership fees.
* In this form of spiritual teaching there is a great deal of energy transfer and therefore subtle mystical considerations to be considered to protect the teacher and make the teaching process sustainable. That is the primary reason for these requirements, as well as a general alignment with our set of values.