Our Inspiration

We’re inspired by a community where we get to be absorbed in that enlightened feeling, study enlightenment, and devote ourselves completely to enlightenment with a reliable and effective way to become enlightened through love.

We’re inspired by a community of deep and warm friendships based on a mutual devotion to love and enlightenment, where we get to fully express ourselves with abundance and unlimited possibility.

We’re inspired by getting to be a magically conscious embodiment of divine love, to be absorbed in light, and to live a life where we put love first always and always do what feels right in our heart.

We’re inspired by being on a journey to the center of the Universe, continually expanding to God and enlightenment, experiencing Rapture and on our way to God-realization.

We’re inspired by happy tears, smiling faces, and radiant hearts, touched and moved by a new way not previously known of love, peace, bliss and joy, providing something not readily available in today’s world that changes lives profoundly in ways that they wouldn’t have otherwise been changed.

We’re inspired by creating the environment and atmosphere conducive to beautiful friendships and magical romantic relationships that are truly loving: a community of evolved people who enjoy each other and live together harmoniously. This is the social experience that we’ve been seeking but haven’t been able to find before in the world, one that is empowered by the wisdom and love of Bhakti Mysticism.