God-Realization Program

Starting this September!

Become a student of The LightChild Guru and a member of The LightChild Community by joining the God-Realization Program. Take your spiritual evolution to the next level with three weekly meetings of Rapture and Revelation in a group with other Bhakti Mystics devoted to love and enlightenment. Become an Embodiment of Divine Love.

What You’ll Learn

The God-Realization Program helps you Embody Divine Love. It helps you find your way back to the love you knew as a child and grow from there. It helps you become enlightened through love. This is done with five key focuses.

Be Truly Loving

Learn to be truly loving. Learn to generate love in your meditations. Transform your karma so that you become an embodiment of the principles of love. Build these principles into your spiritual routine and spiritual lifestyle.

Radiate with Divine Light

Learn to radiate with divine light. Developing your mystical abilities and meditation practice. Learn the principles of power, light, and energy cultivation and conservation. Develop your spiritual routine and spiritual lifestyle so that you are an integrated being of light and a true Bhakti Mystic.

Know the Wisdom of Truth

Learn to perceive the wisdom of truth. Connect with the universal knowledge available to us all. Perceive yourself and others directly and accurately as what you are. Expand and awaken your heart as the primary faculty of knowing. Dispel the sense of self that eclipses this knowledge. Know what matters in life. Know yourself.

Thrive in the World

Learn to thrive in the world as the full expression of your heart. Have an integrated life where your work is your spiritual practice and everything you do leads to greater fulfillment in life. Have everything you need to fully express yourself with abundance in the world and unlimited possibility. Have everything you need to fully let go into your spiritual evolution.

Love and Be Loved in a Spiritual Community

Love and be love in a holistic life that includes a community that encourages and reciprocates your love. Adopt that caretaker personality of “The Child” and be safe and supported to do so. Grow as an Embodiment of Divine Love with a community that facilitates this growth. Immerse with spiritual friends who strengthen and support your devotion to love and enlightenment and with whom you can learn and evolve together.

Love, Light, Wisdom, Prosperity, and Community are the five LightChild Values and what you cultivate in the God-Realization Program.

The Program

Rapture and Revelation

The God-Realization Program is a combination of Rapture and Revelation. Rapture is the direct experience through a transformation of consciousness of the divine light of love. It is experience directly through mystical meditations with The LightChild Guru. The truths and wisdom that result from Rapture are explored in a Revelation with The LightChild Guru, in which those truths are explored and elucidated with the guidance of the teacher.

Meeting Times

The program meets one time a week on Thursdays from 7-9 pm.


You must apply to join The God-Realization Program. Applicants are assessed based on their likeliness to benefit from the program and to contribute to the other students in the program and the community as a whole. The primary factors considered are devotion to love and enlightenment, current level of spiritual evolution, and quality of being a team player. LightChild is a community of advanced spiritual seekers who already have the basics of life figured out and seek to take things to the next level. To effectively be this we have to screen our applicants.

Membership Fees

Membership is $100 a month and includes one weekly meeting of two hours. Membership is an automatic subscription payment on the first of the month. In some cases we will skip a week.

Other Benefits

  • Work with a group of other Bhakti Mystics 
  • Have a profound heart-opening experience where you embody divine love and radiate with divine light.
  • Recall, reconnect with, and reawaken the feeling of love and magic you knew as a child.
  • Experience completely new states of awareness in a fundamental transformation of consciousness.
  • Meditate with a spiritual teacher who transmits real mystical energy through empathic attunement.
  • See the essence of your being, the light of your awareness, and that you are and always have been made of love.
  • Enjoy the warmth of a beautiful candlelit spiritual event.
  • Meditate in a sacred space filled with love, cosmic soundscapes and heart-opening melodies.
  • Empower yourself to thrive in the world with a heart-centered mystical awakening.
  • Perceive the wisdom of truth by entering into a state of mental purity.
  • Awaken your ability to be truly loving by empowering your heart’s energy.
  • Experience the magic and love of The LightChild Community.
  • Develop toward becoming enlightened through love.
Ages 18 and up.

No previous meditation experience required.



Venice Area. TBD.

Event Guidelines and Suggestions on How to Prepare

Wear comfortable, conductive clothing made of mostly organic material.
Shower prior to the event to clarify and purify your aura.
Eat at least one hour before the event.
Eat a light dinner that is vegetarian prior to the event.
Don’t wear any overpowering perfumes or fragrances.
Turn your phone off prior to entering the space.
Optimally, turn your phone off for two hours or more prior to the event to create space and stillness in your mind and heart.
Optimally, meditate prior to the event for 15 minutes or more.
Optimally, have a spiritual day in nature that can include meditation, spiritual reading (Booklist), creative work, yoga, stretching, and quietude.
Optimally, reserve time to be alone after the event.
Optimally, meditate at home after the event.

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