God-Realization Program Application

We are building a bhakti mystic community of advanced spiritual seeker who are devoted to love and enlightenment. The core of this community is the God-Realization Program. There are a number of factors that determine if we are a good fit for each other. That is, that you will love being a part of this community, that the community will benefit you, and that you will contribute to the community as a whole.

Below is a list of qualities that we look for in applicants. By sharing these upfront we are being transparent and clear about what we are and what we are trying to do. That way you know if this is the right place for you! Which we hope it is. By being in alignment with each other, we’re creating a beautiful community of people who can grow together optimally, and you can support each other in that growth, who get each other, who value the same things, while also being completely unique and true to themselves. We’re creating a beautiful spiritual community within our society, and the point of this application is to best empower us to do this.

At the bottom of this page is a form with questions that you can fill out to submit your application.

Key Values and Qualities to Be a Good Fit for the Program

A Love of Truth

To be in this program requires a great deal of love for truth. Truth is the ability to look at yourself objectively as you are without like or dislike. It is the ability to become aware of what you are in your transient personality form. And it is also therefore the ability to see the truth in others end it all around you. You can only see the truth if you have a great deal of love. A great deal of heart. Because it requires a sort of tenderness and acceptance of yourself and others, and the lack of exploit of intent and will to change. The very seeing of the truth is the beginning of transformation. But this transformation is not the transportation that comes from trying to align with an ideal, it is the transformation that comes from aligning with the inspiration of your heart. So it’s a love the truth is paramount for all members of the guide realization program. Humility is being able to look at yourself as you are with love and to see what it is that you are without the egoic identification with what you are. Truth and humility are proportional. The more humility you have the more you can perceive the truth. And the more you perceive the truth the more humility you have. Without humility there’s no possibility of spiritual growth. Because you will continue in delusion until you realize the pain of your state.

Having Heart be Paramount

The other most important thing that’s required to be in the program, his heart. You have to be all heart. You have to prioritize heart completely. That means that what matters to you is the feeling of heart, which comes from being true to yourself, excepting yourself, excepting Alex, acts of kindness, basking in the bliss of the moment, falling in love with reality in every moment all over again. Loving compassion, Loving stillness, lovinggentlekind, these are all things that come to a person who prioritize his heart. Never seeking to hurt another, only seeking the truth. Only seeking to be constructive and to bring the truth and love forward.

Devotion to Love and Enlightenment

The next most important thing is a complete Devotion to love and enlightenment. You must ache for God, you must ache for greater consciousness, you must ache for divine love, you must no that all other pursuits are in vain, if your connection with yourself, which is God within you, is lacking. You must put righteousness before daily needs. You must put enlightenment before your vanity is your pride and your security.

Choosing Freedom of Security

The next most important thing is the love of freedom. To choose freedom over security and continuity. To choose the unknown over the known. Freedom freedom can seem like a precarious and vulnerable state, but it is a state of vitality and change. It takes courage to choose freedom, which is to move into the light, which is to move into the unknown, and not stay within the safety of the circumference of the past of the conditioning of what you know. Just to have faith in God, faith in yourself, and faith that if you follow your heart you will have more, if you follow your heart you’ll have everything you need.

Love of Light and Meditation

You must love to meditate, and you must love the light, and you must love to meditate in love and on love and on your heart. You must love it so much that you choose to do it every day. And you must be committed to meditating every day.

Love to Read

You must love wisdom, love it so much that you want to read regularly. You must have the ability to read and choose to read on a regular basis, probably every single day. And you must be able to articulate the wisdom of your heart, which isn’t generally required on the path, but something unique to us.

Quality of Gentleness

you must have the ability to be gentle, and value gentleness. And recognize that sometimes there’s a place to be gentle and to hold your energy in.

Quality of Mindfulness

You must value mindfulness, which is giving your full attention to what you’re doing. You must be willing to do one thing at a time and give it everything you’ve got and not take shortcuts. You must want this and want to cultivate us within yourself and within a community of others to do this.

Immensely Positive

You must be immensely positive. That is want to revolve around what you want, believe everything is possible, and see the best in things. You must be excited about creating a community of people who are truly positive. Who really want that in their lives and know why positivity is so beneficial to all of us.

Child-like Spirit

You must have a love for the child within you, and want to get back to that purity and innocence and gentleness, enjoy Disney music, playfulness, and fun.

Value True Knowledge and not Speculation

You must enjoy the direct perception of truth, and not speculation and ideation. You must not be a pseudo-intellectual, but rather one who knows the truth directly. You must know the place of the intellect as the describe of the knowledge of the heart. And your interest must be to know with the heart, and not to speculate with The mind.

Kind and Collaborative

You must want the best for others in their spiritual evolution, and not be competitive, but rather be collaborative. You must know that we’re all on our own unique journey, one that is not comparable with others. And he must be a team player with a Community realizing that’s a lift others is to lift yourself, that we are one, and that we are also the part.

Happy to Invest in Yourself

You must be willing to invest financially in your spiritual education. You must see that we live in a capitalistic society, I got a spirituality isn’t paid with patron or via monastery, that for the spiritual path distilled and adapted for our futuristic society, which is inherently capitalistic, you must be willing to invest into your education and into the community. And only invest in amount that is right for you, and to grow in your prosperity and ability to invest as you grow spiritually. The more involved you are spiritually the more money you’ll make in the world and the more you’ll be able to invest in your education. And rest assured that you will never be asked to invest more than you can afford.

Have the Basics of Spirituality Figured Out

You must be an advanced spiritual seeker. This means that you’ve gone beyond anger, beyond competition, beyond frustration, beyond hurting others, beyond selfishness, and that you have learned the basics of spirituality. It means that you follow your heart as much as you can while not being perfect, but that you value that. It means that you are beyond dogma, and don’t need the 10 Commandments to keep you in order, it means that you just know what’s righteous, for the most part, and that you’re ready to take things to the next level.

Understand what Truth is

You must understand the truth is singular. There are no versions of the truth. There’s no such thing as your truth, and that when people say your truth, they mean what feels right to you and your heart. And that is a thing but that’s not what we mean when we talk about truth. Truth is what it is, it is being able to see the objective reality of the one manifestation of what is that color by personal like and dislike.

Have Experienced the Rapture

You must have attended one of the light child Raptures, and have absolutely fallen in love with the experience. Please provide the date of the rapture that you attended.

The Application

Every month we admit a new group of students into the program. Will be taking applications all month, and you’ll hear back at the end of the month. If for some reason you’re not excepted, you’re welcome to apply again. We’d love to have you when you’re ready. And we really believe that you can be all of these things if you really want it. Anybody can. You just have to devote yourself to your heart. That’s all it takes.