LightChild Meditation Classes

Join our weekly meditation classes with Adam in-person and online. All classes are just $8. Please send payment prior to the classes to Venmo @adamwes2022.

Tuesdays, 6-7 pm PST online

Join the zoom class by clicking the button above.

Sundays, 3-5 pm PST at Hotchkiss Park in Santa Monica

Join the in-person meditation in nature. Please make sure to bring a pillow to sit on and a blanket to keep warm.

What to expect from this form of meditation.

  • Embody love so completely that it manifests as visible light.
  • Have a profound heart-opening experience where you embody divine love and radiate with divine light.
  • Recall, reconnect with, and reawaken the feeling of love and magic you knew as a child.
  • Experience completely new states of awareness in a fundamental transformation of consciousness.
  • Meditate with a spiritual teacher who transmits real mystical energy through empathic attunement.
  • See the essence of your being, the light of your awareness, and that you are and always have been made of love.
  • Empower yourself to thrive in the world with a heart-centered mystical awakening.
  • Perceive the wisdom of truth by entering into a state of mental purity.
  • Awaken your ability to be truly loving by empowering your heart’s energy.
  • Experience the magic and love of The LightChild Community.
  • Develop toward becoming enlightened through love.